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I have tried here to present Islam without any prejudice. Islamic Education develops Morals as betterment could only be achieved by Rightousness. Also Laws of the Universe complement the Islamic Teachings.
Here, Islamic Way of Education is introduced. Also Laws of the Universe that Complement Islam are Discussed. Please Scroll Down.

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In today's world, it is taken for granted that the West is developed and the rest are either developing countries or under-developed. There are only a few who do challenge this notion with reasons yet I am positive that reasons are there to reject this thought and indeed they are valid reasons too. First of all, what is the criteria of development and secondly does the West really fulfills its demand. Strictly in accordance with the Islamic viewpoint, development of a person (or a nation for that matter) depends upon his spiritual development which is only possible when he remembers to worship Allah, his Creator, the True Lord. That is his only true aim of life as Sura Zaariat - 56 points out clearly. It is possible to judge this notion of development in respect to knowledge as a right development needs High Knowledge, True Faith and Good Deeds at its base. This criteria denotes that though West has much to offer materially yet spiritually it is still wanting. Even material development of the West is mostly due to the efforts of the understanding men of 17th, 18th & 19th Century. Kepler, Newton, Galileo, Dalton & Doppler were the observing persons who were able to forward concepts that were found correct and facts applicable to the matter in the universe. It is interesting to note that there was little of the laboratory work in their efforts and also most of their views relate to the Heavens (Solar System, Stars & Planets). In fact, if we leave these persons named, it is even possible to say that West has given such men to the world in the last two centuries who have created trouble by their views and have created danger to the human-kind of a grave nature like Karl Marx (who gave a system to live in the name of justice which only enhanced injustice & cruelty), Sigmund Freud (who took man only to be obsessed with sexual inclinations), Charles Darwin (who professed the idea of evolution only by seeing affinity in different sea-weeds & plants at different places during the voyage at sea in his youth) and Einstein (who forwarded the physical theory which made the creation of atom bomb possible and only led to the destruction of people indeed). The people with Jewish blood have had nothing to offer to the world but Injustice & Shamelessness and these names are proof to this assumption. Here I intended to name the persons who had ideas, concepts & theories to offer therefore I have left the inventors aside as their inventions may be used in positive or negative manner according to one's own wish. Of-course, we must give due regards to Marconi (inventor of Radio), John Baird (inventor of television), Graham Bell (inventor of Telephone), James Watt (inventor of Steam Engine), Wright Brothers (inventors of air-planes), Benz & Daimler (inventors of Motor vehicles; improving invention of combustion engine made by Nikolous Otto) and many other inventors but this does not prove any superior quality of West as inventions may be made by anyone anywhere anytime. This is not the mark of distinction due to various reasons and some of them are that it is the spiritual development which makes a person truly developed and not the material inventions, that inventions have no initial point as a little bit of work on any invention may have been done by anybody before the person who is taken to be the inventor of that invention, that inventions have no final point and options for betterment are always present, that every nation has his share of persons who are intelligent enough to invent different kinds of things though many of them are not able to present themselves at international level due to many reasons with which we are not concerned at present. These reasons presented here though not total in this regard, yet do prove that "DEVELOPMENT DOES NOT DEPEND ON MATERIAL INVENTIONS". Seeing by this viewpoint, I would remark that West had success but little in this century and if we leave "Computers" (which is again a form of invention) and a few medical achievements based on previous works of many intelligent persons of all places & time aside, it has not got much to offer to the world except for destructive weapons, deadly to humans & humanity. Even in Medicine & Surgery, the West has many negative points regarding Morals & Ethics. There has been simply no success at the spiritual level at West in the previous century due to their total leaning towards the material & physical side of the human life and though amazing, it seems a fact indeed. I thought it appropriate to clarify the position of West as many influential persons are under its magic spell accepting the incorrect notion about its development and about being on a high level of human respect & humanity. However, the main concern at this writing is the syllabus for education which must be adopted in the Muslim World at this occasion to face the challenge we are given by the West in the name of knowledge & wisdom as that is sure to empower the Muslims to shake off any inferiority complex and go on by the power of true Wisdom for the true development of Human Beings & Humanity. Let us come to this crucial matter.

In today's world neither its possible to ignore any branch of knowledge nor its appropriate. It is taken for granted that every person takes a part of knowledge to specialize in one field with caliber. I do not agree. In fact, I am positive that the access to knowledge is so very easy at this time and its achievement in total so very crucial to each one of the intelligent Muslims that we must not miss this golden chance to gain knowledge and even technical learning of all kinds (thanks to Computers & thanks to West for that matter) so as to serve the Muslim Nation as much as possible and must gather whatever knowledge possible individually as well as collectively to achieve the heights in learning. For this reason, I understand that the separation of the field of knowledge into Arts, Science, Commercial & Technical divisions further subdividing these all in many groups, is but an obstruction to gain heights in Knowledge itself. I consider that in the Muslim World we must incorporate all what is concerned with knowledge into a uniform syllabus to be gained by each & every Muslim individual without force and with a love for a high level of Wisdom. This may seem a notion that is far-fetched or Target that is impossible to attain yet I am positive that this standard may be achieved in today's world and that also with minimum of effort indeed. Let us turn our Nation into a Great Learned Nation as Knowledge itself is a terrific Power indeed and a weapon with which any adversity may be countered indeed.

In today's world, it is possible to design a syllabus with a touch of all fields of knowledge with some allowance for the limits to human efforts. We may keep the set-up of One to Eight Classes Primary/Secondary & then Ninth to Twelfth Classes Higher Secondary Study that is currently in progress at Pakistan. From the Sixth Class to the Twelfth, subjects must be the same. The subjects may include All important languages (Arabic, English, Urdu or National Language/s), Basics of Algebra (Math included), Chief Subjects of Science (these include Astronomy, Biology with a high touch of Botany & Zoology, Chemistry, Physics & Trigonometry), Dual Subjects of Politics & Law of the Land (which must be in accordance with the teachings of Islam or it ought to be changed accordingly with Knowledge & Wisdom), Economics & Fundamentals of Statistics.

With these, Accounting, Business Principles & Correspondence (Banking & Information about the World Commerce included), Computers (with all important programs), Dual Subjects of Managerial Faculty & Speech Power , Elementary Medicine ( First Aid with Basic Surgery included), Fiqah (based on a sound knowledge of the Holy Quran, Ahadeeth-e-Mubaraka & Scholarly Works of all great Ulema, without any leaning towards difference of opinions on petty things) must also be given due attention.

Army Matters (including the making & using of all sort of weapons), Birds & Fish & Animals, Constructions, Dual Subjects of Human History & World Geography (Archaeology included), Electronics (making of different sort of machines included), Fundamentals of Vehicles (making of cars, ships & air-planes with the understanding of their working included) must be cared about, too. These all subjects may be incorporated into one course and I consider its feasible that an individual may get all these to a caliber without feeling tense or being heavy with achievement of knowledge. Of-course even the Total of all these is not all for knowing much about everything yet the blanks would fill In-Sha Allah once this achievement is made. Drawings and Arts & Crafts may be left to a person's own taste and mind it that Islam does not allow the making & taking of pictures of Living Beings and so Drawings may only be appreciated with some limit. Taste of Music and a leaning towards Natural Beauty is something natural to Human Beings, some more responsive than others, and it is better to leave it to chance for the better development of such faculties of Fine Arts in the gifted ones. However, limit to Music & Pictures must be taken into account indeed.

Though a huge task asking for great effort yet achievable and if we Muslims do prove ourselves upto that standard, I am sure we are better able to guide the world due to our care about Morals, Ethics & Fineness. We must not leave the matter as unachievable as trial can only show the truth. Man has shown amazing power of his brains by his thoughts, his inventions & many of his achievements. This task when achieved would indeed be one addition to the whole lot a man is able to achieve.

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