I have presented a few more adjustments here for the sake of consolidating the Islamic Society that would give it more vitality In-Sha-Allah.
A Study Of Human Beings
MANAM (DREAMS) :- There is a great respect given to dreams in the Islamic Traditions. The scholars of Islam were correctly interpreting the dreams of people by the book of the great interpreter of dreams Janab Ibn-e-Sereen, long before Sigmund Freud wrote his book "The interpretation of dreams" and centuries have passed, still the book "The meaning of dreams" by Ibn-e-Sereen remains an authority on the subject for the Muslims. The Holy Quran points out that if the messages given in the dreams are read correctly, they can shed light on the future events. Also, observation of a person, month in which a person is born, Numbers relating to a person (indeed, the days of everybody are numbered), the year of person by the Chinese Calendar and also horoscope of a person give an immense assistance in the study of man & universe. In relation to Manam, let us view a set of a few questions, rather a guide to use the subject for the study, so as to make the best use of the mentioned subject. -1- See if a dream is felt much. -2- See if a dream holds many symbols as much symbolic dreams are surely related to the future (many symbols which are commonly seen in the dreams by all persons, have specific meanings, pointing to the Collective Consciousness or Unconsciousness of the human beings). -3- See if the dreamer associates some special meaning to the symbols or the words seen in the dream. -4- See & Judge the interpretation of a dream by the teachings of Ibn-e-Sereen, the great master in interpretation of dreams. -5- See if there is a talk in the dream as a message may be stated in very plain words in the talk seen in a dream. MUSHAHEDA (OBSERVATION) : -1- Study the person in study in a psychological fashion, seeing the priorities and the way of talking & walking and taking all things, of that particular person in study. -2- Study the pattern of events for the person in study. -3- Study how he deals what, as much of the character is revealed by this way. -4- See if the birth occurs on or near March 20 (inclination towards spiritual development); See if the birth occurs on or near January 1 (inclination towards material development); as this also sheds light on the person's character. -5- See the weather at birth and if it was daylight or the darkness of a night when the birth took place. This observation, besides being an aid to the study of man in itself, is also helpful as a point in the fifth method of study i.e. the Chinese Calendar. MAHEENAY (MONTHS) : -1- What is the phase of the Moon at birth -2- What is the current month operating at a given time for the person in study (Solar & Lunar). -3- What is the month at birth and at what portion of it, the birth occurs (Solar & Lunar). AADAD (NUMBERS) : See what is the First number for the life of the person in study by Date of Birth (Solar & Lunar) seeing the Name he has. -2- What is the year's number to be taken seeing the birth of the person in study as this is the second number of life (Solar & Lunar). -3- What is the date of birth of the person in study (Solar & Lunar) and this is the third one of the five numbers to study for life. -4- What is the number of name affecting life by which the person is called, taking the number by the Native's Language. -5- What is the number of the person in study by the year of birth of that very person as this also has its effect for life (Solar & Lunar). -6- What is the total number of the current year and how the person relates to it (Solar & Lunar) by name and what is the age (Solar & Lunar) of the person in study and age number (Solar & Lunar) of that very person, for that same given time and how he relates to it. The meaning of numbers may be known by studying the Tarot Cards. JANTARI (The Chinese Calendar) : OBSERVE What is the year of birth of the person in study by the Chinese Calendar and how the current year (and even the years of birth of the near ones) is felt for the person in study with the year he has for his birth, by the Chinese Calendar. NUJOOM (ASTROLOGY) : SEE -1- What is the rising sign -2- What is/are rising planet/s -3- What are the houses having connection to the first house due to the ruler of the Ascendant & due to the planet/s present -4- What is the placement of the Sun, the Moon and the Ruler; signs & houses to be seen -5- What are the aspects 0-60-90-120-180 of these three in the birth and whether any aspect forms between any or both the lights with the Ruler in the birth chart -6- Whether a grand trine or a grand square or a grand arrow forms in the birth chart -7- What arrangement follows by putting the Sun, the Moon and the Ruler on the Ascendant, by taking 30 degrees for each house in the Birth Chart -8- What is the placement for the Fortuna, Part of Marriage and the Moon's South Node in the chart -9- What power of break (turning better the position indicated) is manifested in the chart, considering Water signs & Arachne for the judgment -10- Whether a single sign, a single house, a single planet presents itself very strongly in the chart in study -11- What is the overall pattern made by the bodies in the chart in study -12- What is the Solar Return Chart & Lunar Return Chart for the current Solar & Lunar year respectively of the person in study and they must be considered independently though the birth chart is basic; Ascendant to be taken for the time of Birth (it would be the same as the Birth Chart or very near to it for Solar Return though it would change for the Lunar Return except when both the Dates nearly co-incide). Also consider the directions, year for the Sun & also for the Moon, moving the Sun ahead one sign for each year & considering the Moon at where the Lunar Date of Birth falls in the Birth Chart, Ascendant and other bodies remaining same.

There is a beginning ability in the Hijri month of Muharram. By this month, a new Hijri year begins and this month also marks the beginning of the liberation of Bani Israel as the great man & messenger Moses led them on the 10th of this month by water towards safety when Pharaoh & his men were following them and also the beginning of the thought of defending Islamic teachings when necessary arises has taken place in this month by the great sacrifice of Janab Hussein. However, the beginning of many adverse things have also taken place in this month as the way of politics of Muslims started to become Mulookiat (kingdom) in this month and the martyrdom of Hazrat Umar on the first of this month marked the opening of the gate of FITNA in the Muslim world. In recent times, India tested Atom Bombs successfully in Muharram and though Pakistan has responded by testing its own Atom Bombs successfully, it is very troublesome for Muslims indeed. It seems that Muharram poses a Challenge for the Muslim world for which they must have an Islamic attitude to combat with and they must enhance the Brighter side of the Hijri month for the sake of right attitudes.

Ahadees (the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH), point out that in the times of Fitna that person is better who performs JIHAD and after him that person is better who takes his cattle and settles on mountains to save his Deen. The point to note here that in the times of Fitna a righteous person can not lead a normal life for either he must respond to change the situation or else if he does not find the power to do so, he must retire from the scene to save his true faith from all evil effect. We are facing such times and it is necessary that we take one of these attitudes collectively so that the situation may change for the better or else may not remain harmful to us in any way as even to keep quiet on sins being committed is totally wrong by the Islamic viewpoint. This immediate response is totally necessary if we want to live as a Muslim nation with integrity. A Hadees indicates that there are two men with whom even jealousy is allowed. Those are a rich person who gives great charity in the name of Allah to the poor and the other is a learned man who uses and spreads his knowledge for the betterment of the people in the name of Allah. This shows that all the things given to men must actually be used in the way of Allah as the world is the place of examination and this spreading of all good things may they be tangible or intangible is an attitude which is expected from the Muslims. A Hadees points out that if a person gives me the guarantee about two pieces of flesh in the body; one is what is between his cheeks (i.e. tongue) and the other is what is between his legs (penis; and for woman her private part), I will give him the guarantee of JANNAT. I feel that the important point to note is that a woman's respect depends on the tongue of a man that her acceptance or her rejection depends on the words a man uses and the shelter to her may be withdrawn only by a man's tongue. Likewise, the respect of a man depends upon the care a woman takes about her private parts as no man other than her husband may have access to that so she must remain faithful to him for his respect indeed. The Hadees issues guarantee to those persons who take care for their tongues and their male or female organs. The Ahadees relating to the signs of QAYAMAT must be given special attention as this will help to face the situation we are in today. Please note that there are some learned scholars of Islam who have pointed out that Dajjal (Antichrist) is not a person in truth but it is the position of the world as we find today. With advancements in Science & Technology (specially in the fields of Medicine, Astronomy and Psychology) with no regards for moral values, it is clear that their view has something at its back. We must give due weight to this consideration and must care for what we take from today's developments as this is a basic asking of our traditions, moral values and the Islamic teachings.

I would point out the situation being faced at Wedding ceremonies that even many young ladies belonging to big cities do not care about the basics of the Islamic Morals at such times and leave all religious teachings at their back which shows the amazing hypocrisy which is making way in our living-style. Many of them go totally with fashions regardless of how Islam teaches about the dresses Muslim Respectable Ladies must wear. Also, Video films are not only appreciated but is taken as one of the necessary features of such ceremonies while Islam does not allow to take or make Pictures of Human Beings and also is very strict where the command of Hijab for women is in consideration. Mind it that if two things are noted and practiced by Muslim women, Muslims may reach heights of great morals. (i) They must take a CHADAR to cover themselves specially their heads (or tie a scarf at head in addition) whenever they leave their house on necessities and (ii) They must avoid make up. The main reason for leaving the Islamic Morals at this time is that this is considered to be the occasion which must be treated as an outlet for emotions usually kept with check and so the respect for Islam is kept aside. The same concept applies at the Picnic Occasions, specially at Seaside though we are still a lots better than other peoples. However, it is amazing that many women also have become promoters of such indecency which is being faced at occasions where emotions run high. This very notion of caring about physical benefits have led the women to consider getting jobs and playing the part of men without caring about their actual responsibilities. The fields where women have entered i.e. Education, Medicine and the Video & Film Industry all badly need care about Morals though women themselves are not responsible for that indeed. As the Field of the video & films is totally against Islam therefore there is no need to point out its wrongs. The Video field survives due to the same evil concept getting hold in common people of caring about Physical pleasures even at the expense of the Spiritual health. As for Education, mind it that co-education of adult males & females is completely against Islam. Also it is not allowed for men to teach women in this regular fashion as is being done at this place & time without the care for Islam and that also in the good name of necessity. Female education is certainly very necessary yet they must be educated with normal education and it is better for them to avoid higher education (though not prohibited) as their actual responsibility is to aid their men-folk in leading an Islamic life caring totally about the aim of life i.e. to obey Allah everywhere, everytime. The education imparted today for both males & females which is mostly for worldly benefits, is most harmful to the Womenfolk as this makes for a cover to the true responsibilities which a woman must see to and care about. Its a pity that nobody of influential status is worried about the situation faced by the society in regards to Morals and I would be frank enough to state that it seems to me that all people of all status have either accepted the situation or else have put on a resigned attitude, letting the events shape themselves even if they are unfavorable to the Islamic Cause. The fact is that the body dies but the Spirit lives on so we must take care for that. With the reason of TABLEEGH, it is acceptable by Islamic Morals for a learned person in Islam to teach individually in an un-Islamic Society, a number of adult female students at one time the matters which may help them face the world with an Islamic touch but of course there are conditions to see for this. My other writings tell the conditions clearly and here I would not repeat them. Now women are mixing with men in the fields of Education (a matter which is related to Jannat), Films (a matter which is related to Jahannum except where it may become possible to make Dramatic Plays where they may be transmitted live giving regards to Islamic Morals) & Medicine (a matter which is related to Physique and Duniya i.e. this world). By the study of Islamic Teachings about female education, it is clear that the way the teaching is imparted today with male teachers working in coalition with female teachers in schools in someone else's authority, is not the right thing in my view according to Islam. However, One Male Teacher (Understanding, Adult, Muslim) with his own authority, if he teaches female students in alliance with one or two female teachers (not more) keeping the conditions for such teaching in view, then this matter in my opinion is acceptable. The most troublesome situation is being faced at the Medical Field where it seems that all the Islamic Teachings are getting challenged which needs an immediate defense of the Islamic Morals at all cost if the teachings of Islam are to survive in the present times practically. If we deal from the base, the medical study is commonly provided in co-education which is totally against Islam. Then, we find mixed working in this field and this not only means that the male & female surgeons work together but also indicates that they both see male & female patients without any care for Islamic Morals. Again, a restriction is needed on their educational style as matters which must not commonly be discussed in presence of females by Islamic viewpoint are taken up at mixed gathering. These all in actual, are the evil fruits of an evil setup and the concepts some of these surgeons profess after gaining knowledge of medicine & surgery through such set-up is more deadly poisonous as they take co-education, mixed working and other such things which are considered shameful by the Islamic viewpoint, as totally normal and in fact something a developed person must appreciate to distinguish himself from the jungli people which is not a correct notion. I assure you and them if they would listen that we can do without such benefit and in fact, we know our benefits very well as Muslims. If you discuss matters with them, you would mostly find them professing transplantation of eyes and kidneys, treatment for Fertility and Females' surgery (particularly Cesarean Section) and Family Planning without any restrictions, all in the respectable name of necessity totally disregarding Islam. At many occasions this kind of study in the good name of seeking knowledge or in the good name of helping justice is done without any prior consent (from the family members, in case of cadavers and from the sufferer himself/herself in case of emergencies), without any care for any kind of Morals whatsoever. Mind it that even consent for anything wrong does not make the matter legitimate according to Islam and the observation brought to attention here is only for the sake of argument. It was a pleasure to learn that the Supreme Court of Pakistan gave the decision in the end of March 96 that Female Cadavers must not be viewed & practiced upon by the males at all as that is totally against the Islamic Morals. The Holy Quran indicates that Shamelessness is such a thing that a Muslim must not only care not to get involved in any act of shamelessness but also must strictly keep himself away from all types of shamelessness. Adam & Eve were ordered to keep away from a tree totally so that there remains no way for them to eat the fruit of that tree and lose their clothing. Again whenever & wherever the Holy Book orders to avoid Shamelessness, it commands to avoid going near to any shamelessness whatever it status is. It seems that Allah is not taking any chances for His beloved creature Man where shamelessness is concerned and with all Trust He has upon men & women, He prohibits even the touch of shameful things for them totally. In Islamic teachings, this is named as Sadd-e-Zarai (avoiding means of evil) and prohibition of making & taking photos/pictures and also the command of HIJAB has this philosophy at its base. This is therefore the only way out and the only course to take where the respectable position of women is in question. The point is this that womenfolk and even men for that matter, must totally avoid the Govt. Hospitals all over the world and try to ask cure at Private Clinics or Hospitals and even that only where the suffering is high & no option seems available. May Allah give us a blessed power to impress all the people of the world, with Morals & Character. -Amen-

Muhammad Saleem Dada
E-mail : saleemdada@yahoo.com