The Islamic Adjustments
This is a page dedicated to the Islamic Adjustments to be seen for the sake of making of an Islamic Society keeping the Psyche & Emotions of Human Beings in view.
A Study of Human Beings
1- It is interesting to note as observation clarifies that those born on or about 21 of March of any year have a great spiritual leaning while those born on or within a day or two of the 1st of January of any year, value physical and material things very much so this attitude can be seen in both of these. Mind it that both of these dates have a definite value in every year as one marks the beginning of a solar year while the other marks the beginning of a calendar year respectively.

2- The year 1917 proved very troublesome and a severe blow to Muslims as it was the year when Communists gained power in Russia which put Muslims in a great trouble while a conspiracy regarding Palestine took hold as the countries having Power decided to put it in the hands of the Jewish people. Both incidents happened in November that year. The year also put Kamal Pasha in front who proved totally disastrous to the Islamic cause and in fact in this year, division among Muslims of the world took hold due to one reason or other. The year 1917 was also the year of the birth of Indira Ghandi (who was born in November and her feelings against Islam are not a secret at all), of the Shah of Iran and of the U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

3- Bait-Ul-Muqaddas (Jerusalem) it seems, is a symbol for worldly glory since it was built, as the history points out. Much political power remained with those who held Bait-Ul-Muqaddas and even today when USA enjoys a great influence on Israel that holds the place, it is clear that the political power is with that country i.e. USA. Even the Jewish people hold a strong position in the world politics at this time through the USA, while it seems that we Muslims have lost our political touch with the loss of the Bait-Ul-Muqaddas, our third holy place.

4- Cold Blooded People are mostly born in the cold weather and I think you will find this statement going very well with doctors and their assistants. Those who do not care much about the lives of others, they often face a threat of a sudden death and their lives may end abruptly, very accidentally.

5- To take anybody as equal to Allah is the greatest sin, for it is a challenge to the power of Allah and a very wrong rebellious act. Nobody except Him must be given the greatest regards for He only is the True Lord. Nobody must be called for help taking that person as the true benefactor for He only is the true Benefactor. Nobody must be called as such, leaving Him or with Him for both of these come under the definition of the greatest sin. May Allah save all Muslims from this greatest sin.

6- There are two positions in economic sense for the people which by the Islamic viewpoint, are totally wrong. In other words, these two positions must not be found in an Islamic Society as one points towards the wrong outlet for the human incentive while the other, towards the wrong channeling of the human fear. One is of having too much money that million remain in spare even after spending on necessities and even comforts, while the other position is of experiencing total frustration as there is nothing on person to spend even on basic necessities of life. These two positions are the ones that give rise to crimes and lead to neglect human responsibilities. The Islamic Society must never overlook the basic necessities of an individual, both physical and spiritual for the sake of humanity.

7- The Holy KAABA is a symbol of Spirituality. It is at the center of the earth as the heart in the human body. It is a point to note that Muslims with all their shortcomings, have great spirituality still in them and so still hold the position of looking after this Great Holy House, the first house of Allah.

8- JINN, one of the strange creatures created by Allah, have physical powers much more than the human beings while the human beings possess spiritual power much more than these. That is why Jinn try to possess human beings physically with the power of the body while the human beings attack them or try to get control over them by spiritual power. However, the use of physical power by Jinn in this sense and the use of spiritual power by human beings in this manner is totally wrong by the Islamic viewpoint indeed.

9- It is a point to note that material possessions & wealth have no meaning when the basic necessities are satisfied. That is how I take it. However, one must judge one's necessities by one's own self keeping the Islamic teachings in view as Muslims have been relied upon for this judgment about their needs and necessities.

10- Even this is an imagination that water satisfies the thirst for it is only the means. It must be noted that everything is the creation of Allah and He only is the Creator & Truly Powerful. What good or evil we do to each other has its effect only due to Allah's Will. Fire can't burn and water can't satisfy the thirst except for His Will. So everything is a means and Allah only is the True Provider. Superstitions do have their effect and if someone has some of them and cares about the influence of some creation but keeping strongly in mind and believing totally by heart that the True Lord is Allah only, then he must not be blamed as his stance is not wrong by the Islamic viewpoint though he must not put emphasis on negative points.

11- It is a position of influence held by a person that matters a lot in influencing others. Sometimes a person does easily what quite a collection of people find hard to accomplish. These type of exceptional people have influenced the world very much. The powerful position in some field may lead to handle foes who master other fields but not to that caliber the first one has in his field. Even inner power turned against someone for his harm may be countered beautifully by the physical power if the caliber for the physical power is high and the individual is a good person by character. I remember a dream I saw some years ago which contained this very message in it. I saw a very little thing like a flying star that is trying to cause harm to a very strong man (Tarzan or Samson) and the door of the area is closing on him. The star inflicts on him some wounds but even then the strong man with the power of his amazing strength stops the door from closing in a heroic style. There are indeed more than one way to do a thing but a man must always be very sincere to his cause, good at his heart and once he sees and accepts a way for doing a job, he must go on with total heart to handle the matter that way with total trust in Allah, the True Lord.

12- Pakistan, created in the name of Allah, is indeed a sacred land. Although, love of material gains has created great troubles for Muslims yet at present, Pakistan seems to be the only hope for a total Islamic Society. Pakistan came into being on Ramazan 26, 1366 Hijri and not on 27 as is often said, for it was 26 on Thursday Aug. 14, 1947. By astrological consideration, the ninth sign Sagittarius is associated with it, therefore the time is afternoon which puts the Sun in the ninth house and that is the house of this very sign Sagittarius, the Fire Mutable Sign, in its own sign Leo which accidentally rules the ninth house, denoting a great height in the religious knowledge (and this is greatly enhanced by the Trine aspect of Moon with Jupiter while the part of Fortune is also in conjunction with Jupiter in the twelfth), in Faith and in its application for the sake of the Truth. Fortuna is with Jupiter, the ruler, in Scorpio while Moon's South Node is also at the end of Scorpio in twelfth which asks to make the Islamic Society in an heroic style making a revolution on the basis of Love, appealing for the sympathy for the weak, attaching the self to the Great Past if Muslims have to make up for their mistakes and wrong doings as that is the only way out. Mind it that those having a powerful Scorpio, specially connected with their ascendant, have a great power to hypnotize themselves into some another individual, even an ideal one, which makes their reading most difficult. Here the sign Sagittarius is rising with the ruler Jupiter in Scorpio and the Sun & Moon correspond beautifully to these signs by their house placement respectively as the Sun is in the ninth, the natural house of Sagittarius, and the Moon is in the eight, the natural house of Scorpio, both of them strong as they both are in their own signs by their placement, an amazing set-up and a harmonious lay-out. However, with the positions that Paksitan has, it needs a lot to survive. It may do it but possibly at some other sphere becoming totally Islamic finding its birth again with some other natal chart. It has the power to compensate for its mistakes indeed. Now, the ideal person may have a water sign rising with the fire planets forming a grand trine among themselves or forming a trine among themselves with Moon completing the grand trine with its placement in a fire sign. Let us say that an ideal person will have Pisces rising, for it enfolds all other signs, and Mars, Sun & Jupiter in their own Fire signs, forming a Grand Trine among the second, sixth and tenth houses; Moon in conjunction with the stationed Jupiter in Sagittarius at 10th while the other benefic Venus also stationed in Cancer in conjunction with Neptune, the ruler in the ideal chart, in the fifth house. The positions are to be seen by the equal house system. Fortuna will then come into place at this conjunction of Venus & Neptune while Mercury, the nearest one, and Pluto (with its planet Chiron), the furthest one, both combust in this ideal chart; Saturn & Uranus both in Conjunction at the fourth house at I.C. opposing both Jupiter & Moon which are placed at M.C. These fourth house planets are in Gemini and this place in this third sign of the Zodiac, is Arachne which denotes crossing the limits a society imposes and also fears coming true and therefore inflicts shame on the occupants of this area. These two planets rule eleventh & twelfth houses respectively in this ideal nativity. The Moon's South Node is at the position of the Sun in the sixth house where the two combust planets are also placed. With this ideal situation, a great height can be achieved in leading the life on the Truth indeed. There is no Retrograde planet in the mentioned chart but it is to be remembered that when a planet is retrograde in a chart, it does not show any lack in the make-up of the person but informs that the native has other attitudes than the usual at hand (and that does not necessarily mean an abnormal attitude) for those special matters which is denoted by the retrograde planet in the natural sense. It may also have the meaning of "Keeping away from the Planet (its meaning)" or "Checking the attitudes regarding the Planet (its meaning)" which does not show any lack in the character of the person in study.

13- In today's world, the field of Medicine is given great importance by all and if Islamic Morals are seen in this I am sure that it would be only matter of time for Islamic Society to come into existance as Islamic Morals are mostly needed in this very field.

14- History points out that wherever & whenever Muslims lost their battles, it was much due to violent means and physical pressures applied by their enemy and due to the Muslim's own lack of Islamic morals at the time of combat. Muslims have always conquered hearts through their good character. The greatest of all revolutions was by the great man and the last messenger Muhammad P.B.U.H. with total love for all the people as every Muslim knows that when he entered Mecca at its conquest, he forgave all the enemies who have mentally & physically tortured him for a long time. We must work in accordance with our great tradition of love so that the world may really change by this great power of love for once & for all, for good indeed.

15- For the sake of making an Islamic Society, two steps in each of the 3 fields i.e. Education, Medicine & Law are very necessary. -1- (a) Children must not be beaten and examinations must not be held in the official educational system (b) Education after 8th class must not be extended to females by the males (I do advocate Female education and I would like to point out here that after the Eighth class in a Pakistani educational system, female education would only be given by females to females except for the Coaching Centers where some necessary conditions would be fulfilled keeping Islamic Teachings in view to educate adult females as I have written elsewhere) -2- (a) Men must not tend women in the medicinal system except for minor problems (and those too not gynecological or obstetrical) and women must not nurse male patients (b) Post-mortem whether the cadaver is male or female must not be done for any reason at all by any male/female surgeon -3- (a) No accused should be beaten except for the verdict given (b) No photos must be tolerated of living beings except for the defense of the country. All these things can be implemented fully if the leaders are true to the cause of Islam. TV. can operate in big and even small cities in amusement places in a LIVE manner. Computers may be tolerated as its pictures are based on graphic though Dish & MPEG card which are being used for viewing filthy movies must be avoided and even if they run all clean programs directly, their use will not be allowed due to the Islamic command of stopping the means of evil. Indeed, natural way of life will be appreciated & even Cattle & Horses may be used commonly here for transport for which the tracks should be made. In this way of life, women car-drivers may be tolerated though they must have another woman with them while no man must accompany them as a passenger except when very old or crippled while they may have children with them, male or female. No license for driving will be asked and no insurance will be necessary but the vehicle's one paper registration document must list the names of the drivers of the vehicle, not more than 3, and the documents of motor cycles will not even need these names as anybody may operate such vehicles in an Islamic Society without any license or registration. Private Cars would be limited to cities while Trains may cover whole of the country. Public buses and even private buses run for the convenience of travel of the public may also cover whole of the land of the Islamic Country. Indeed, there is a great need to put the communication network and the conveyance system in order to make it compatible with the Islamic way of life for that is the natural way of living which brings the total inner satisfaction and true peace of mind indeed.

16- The Holy Quran says "Soon We will show them our signs in the Horizons and in their Own Selves until it will be clear upon them that This (the Holy Quran) is the Truth" (Sura HA-MEEM ASSAJDA - 53). This verse is not only a prediction for the Non-Mulims that they would soon find many Laws of Nature that would in the last make them realize the Truth which has proven correct now, but also encourages Muslims to use their observation power to understand the universe and the human beings so that all the truth becomes clear to them. This knowledge gained through observation; when this is put in total in front of non-Muslims, will certainly have its effect and they will most certainly come towards Islam. There are many things which have come into the knowledge of man through observation even in the fields of science & medicine and this will be understood better if we divide science into two sections -1- things which can be proved through experiments in laboratories and -2- things which can be understood by observation. These second type of things include great discoveries and laws which are taken as very important findings for the understanding of the natural tendencies of human beings and for getting a good idea about the universe. These include Newton's Law of Gravity and even his other laws of motion, Kepler's Laws governing the movement of planets and stars and Doppler's Law of Red Shift. These all are related to the planets & stars and to the sky, which is too vast for a human mind to perceive but the laws of which can be understood through observation. There are many such facts & laws which have their basis upon observation though of course it is not prohibited to put into use instruments which enhance a person's observation and gives a power to sight like telescope & microscope but to seek knowledge through the laboratory experiments is not my idea of achieving knowledge and in fact many of experiments have proved to be fatal for the life and the living of the human beings as can be verified by study and observation. On the basis of experiments, science has guided many a nation to consider space flights as a must for knowledge while it would have been very much better if amazingly huge amount spent on these ventures were allotted to the very poor and the very needy people of the world. Science has led people to consider communications as something of utmost importance giving an unnecessary weight to the social relationship while it should also have asked to better the situation of people suffering great tensions regarding basic physical needs and regarding basic spiritual needs. Scientific experiments have also led to making of deadly weapons and this has in turn led to the fear of the powerful which has given such people a wrong kind of a say in the matters relating to all people of the world. Whenever, Hope or/and Fear has been guided in a wrong manner, that has led to the loss of peace of an individual and also to the loss of a good lifestyle for the people. To break such evil-doings of science, it is necessary to give power to observation as the Islamic teachings point out that where there is a poison, exactly there at that very place, is the medicine for the same (the poison of snakes is being neutralized today through the medicine made by the poison of snakes, an interesting fact to observe). This will take time but not the material resources and the time used in obedience of The True Lord is indeed the best time. For our defense, we must always keep the strong side in front of the people who find pleasure in our opposition, keeping in mind that we are much stronger spiritually than the western world. In better words, we must clarify Islam, highlighting the points relating to Astronomy and Psychology and Anatomy/Physiology (the fields in which the west considers itself as the only master but totally disregards the interesting philosophical points which can be deducted by the same facts which are understood by the study of man in a physical sense). This way of spreading knowledge will cause the non-Muslims, even with the set of traditions they have, to have at least a great respect for Islam, whether they do or don't convert to Islam. We must also try our best in the situation we face, to achieve a good strength regarding martial aspect so that our enemy may not even think of making a war upon us. This attitude is utmost necessary as this only can cause us to live as true Muslims in the present world.

17- The descending moon in Pakistan's flag is not a matter of concern as it should be considered as the end of the world coming near, which seems to be true in the present situation. This position must therefore, not be criticized and must not be made a matter of concern.

18- It is interesting to note that people born in the darkness of the night have more power to enlighten the world than those who are born in the daylight. Maybe because the light is felt much more in the darkness than in light itself. This fact seems to be historical reality.

19- In the Islamic Society, the TV. programs (in the live fashion in the zones specified) will be made in such a way that the Islamic Teachings are not compromised. In the zones specified for the womenfolk, relay of TV. programs will start with the Holy Quran (Its recitation, translation and tafseer) in a sequence from Sura-e-Fateha to Sura-e-Nas. Then a fiction story for women may be read (in episode or in full; and in full is better). A discussion program may follow on topics women are interested in (cooking classes or stitching classes may be given at this time as they are also included in this discussion time). Entertainment program may follow which may be in variety of forms such as a musical program with women amateur performers, a stage drama, a comedy talk, songs, pantomime, amazing talents of women etc. and in these only stage drama may feature male performers too and for them entrance and exit to the theater must be from outside these zones specified for the womenfolk. Their entrance also must strictly be at their performing time only and departure immediately after the performance done. The programs for men may commence by the same recitation, translation and tafseer of the Holy Quran and after that a program on politics (court proceedings and talk with officials in a position to affect the politics of the country included) may be aired. An educational program may be transmitted next with a study for the martial aspect, economics, about the law of the Islamic country, surgery for men, history etc. for imparting knowledge to the people living in the land. The news and a commentary upon it may come next with entertainment program with only men in performance (and those also not professional) may be the last of the daily transmission. The time allotted to programs may be in this way that in the women's area, they may have Al-Quran 15 minutes, fiction reading 20 minutes, discussion program 15 minutes. With 10 minutes allotted to the hostess in the beginning (in which she may advertise for the concerns who may have sponsored the programs), the time comes to 1 hour. After this hour, five more minutes will be granted to the hostess in which she will read the names of the concerns and companies sponsoring the TV. relay and then a 30 minutes entertainment program may follow. With the last 5 minutes allotted to the hostess for a closing talk, the time comes to 100 minutes in which the TV. transmission will be operated. The TV. programs will start one hour before the sunset (MAGHRIB) and the entertainment program of 30 minutes with the 10 minutes of the hostess will be on air after the prayers of Maghrib so that women & children may return to their homes in good time. In the areas specified for men, the transmission will start with 10 minutes given to the host and then "AL-QURAN" (recitation, translation and tafseer) will be relayed there and after these 15 minutes, political discussion may be relayed for 20 minutes, with 15 minutes of educational program following. After the interval for the Maghrib Prayers, the news and its commentary will take some 20 minutes, so 15 minutes will be allotted to the songs, sung by amateur singers. A closing talk of 5 minutes by the host makes the total daily time for the TV. live transmission 100 minutes. The important political speeches may be shown at both the channels and matters of mutual interest of both the sexes male & female with male & female participants may be discussed on both the channels at one time by the prior permission of the authorities though these type of programs must only be put on air occasionally. Please note that any restrictions on information must be put only due to the Islamic teachings regarding morals and certainly not because of putting any censorship on speech or writing. We all must learn from each other but not let Islamic Morals suffer as Islamic Society will totally be a model for the same indeed and this point must never be neglected.

20- The appearance of the new Moon should not be made an issue as is wrongly done at this time. Wherever the new Moon is sighted, Eid and other festivals must be observed accordingly. This does not make any confusion or does not put any black mark on the integrity of Muslims. In fact, in Pakistan, if the festivals may be observed by province, I consider that it would be quite all right even by political reasons and indeed, it is in accordance with Islam. Even if calculations point out that the new Moon is in the range of vision after Maghrib after its day 29, it must actually be seen by a few reliable persons who would vouch about seeing it if and when needed. Its a pity that for political reasons, it is tried that the clear teachings of Islam may be omitted and what seems convenient to people of high standing, may be taken into practice and that also in the name of Islam.

21- There are 4 concepts which I take to be totally wrong which are being forwarded today to influence the world & turn it towards a total evil way of life. The first one is that attention must totally be towards the physical side of life. Wherever this wrong concept is totally being put into practice, people have forgotten the spiritual aspect of life and even with great physical achievements in the fields of Medicine, Astronomy & Psychology, often are badly in need for inner satisfaction and mental relaxation as can be seen by viewing their lives with observation. This concept has led to disregard the rights of the weak people, in which we can include old persons and women & children. The second concept is that illicit sexual relationship is not questionable by law when the consent of a woman is involved. This concept of consent for adultery is a great injustice to womenfolk and indeed an insult to them. The third concept is that this worldly life asks for the survival of the fittest. This concept has led to a great trouble again as weak people are not given the respect they must get and has led to competition in all fields of life. The fourth concept is to take Human Beings to extremes in all they do. This concept again leads to injustice and a man must always keep his emotions in control and judge all situations he face with faith, wisdom and practical human efforts.

Muhammad Saleem Dada

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