The Islamic Manifesto
These are Six of my writings written in 1992. First 3 in February, An Open Heart talk in June, The First Command in April and The Islamic Code Of Law also in April (at the beginning of April). If read with concentration these writings would convey the message of Islam well Insha Allah.

It is a very sad situation that though we talk about Islam so much, there are some matters for which we do not react as sensitively as we should as Muslims. Family Planning indeed, also is one of them. Certainly we must do something about it but the correct way of such action as Islam indicates is only that Muslim men must be educated regarding the salient features of this task so that they may impose restrictions on themselves by their own free will so that the problem of increase in population can be controlled. It is possible that some may consider this as quite impossible but indeed the Islamic way is only that the attention of men must be guided for the subject and only those ways of family planning which concern the males must be adopted. No method (of whatever sort, though women themselves educate each other) regarding the women must be put into use in an Islamic country/society. Although there are many reasons for this, I would guide your kind attention towards the important 3 reasons only (1) It is against the natural sanctity of women (mind it that Islam gives woman a very high place giving her an image of sacrifice and patience and this is not a diplomatic attitude as to refrain a woman from practicing her faculties because Islam is very direct in its teachings but this is how Islam actually teaches). Study Islam for detail. (2) There is not a single indication in Islamic teachings for permission of any method of family planning for women. (3) The involvement of the Government in this planning is obviously not right (failure in acheiving goal may lead to friction). For men, the matter is not like this as they can take steps regarding family planning by their own free will, keeping Islamic teachings in view as many Ulema have accepted AZAL and so it can be practiced by the married men in the right limit. This opens way to some means of family planning for men which can be adopted in this matter. It is recorded in the books of Ahadith as Jabir Bin Abdullah reports "we used to do AZAL & the Holy Quran was descending". The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. tolerated AZAL, therefore AZAL and its likes, when they concern married men only, can be practiced by the free will if married men are guided. However there is no way for steps to be taken in regards to women in this matter. I have conveyed the message as a sensitive Muslim and now it is upto you to decide how you take it.

It seems very odd when a person looks around and finds in a society of a Muslim city, the Muslim women neglecting their true status, disregarding the command of Hijab totally. I have made this remark without any narrow mindedness and without being dictatorial as one should remember, to observe Hijab is the command of Allah, the True Lord, given to the women-folk (see Sura Noor & Sura Ahzaab). By Hijab, it is meant that women should remain in their houses and only on necessity, can leave their houses. This feature of necessity, they themselves have to decide with a true devotion to Islam. Whenever she leaves her house on necessity in an un-Islamic society, she has to cover herself fully with cloth except for eyes. However in an Islamic Society, she is allowed to leave her face, hands and feet uncovered as there remains no danger of any satanic eye. Today, the command of Hijab is mostly violated in the field of Education and Medicine so in these women must see to Hijab themselves. May Allah grant our sisters and daughters ability to fulfil their duties as Muslims so that a true Islamic society can be established by their assistance.


The respectable Federal Shariat Court has asked the Government to take steps immediately so as to establish Interest free banking in a specific period. At this point, when some influential persons and concerns are campaigning against this wonderful decision so as to create confusion in this matter, I would like to ask for 3 steps to be taken in this regard to fulfil the demands of the court's decision. First is that (1) Banks should come into business as big business concerns (trading or manufacturing) with the money of the depositors, keeping aside all transactions of interest. Second is that (2) Banks should be limited to a specific number (i.e. only a few in quantity) by the law of the country and a few among those few may be allowed to have monopoly in big business of some kind so that they may not only go into profit but can give a reasonable share to each account holder according to his share in the capital of the concern. The field for monopoly must be considered as this monopoly can be tolerated but interest of any sort in an Islamic society is unbearable. The banks of course, will remain private entities. Third step is that (3) Banks may forward loan to firms but only on the terms of partnership i.e. they will have a share in the profit of that concern to whom they lend money. Good faith among each other is necessary as the accounts kept by the concern must be accepted by the banks. If this work is done with complete application of self, I am sure that the work is not at all difficult. We must concentrate on the point that banks must operate as big business concerns and not as institutions of getting and forwarding loan and then making business out of interest. When we do accept the roll of banking with all heart i.e. without any inclination towards any other concept then only can have ideas for improving the banking system in an Islamic society. At present we can indeed make a break in the way I have mentioned and very soon we will be able to overcome problems regarding this matter Insha Allah. Muslim today are at a crucial stage where they will become history or will make history. Let us go for the latter as this is the only way left for us and though it needs sacrifice, seeing the history as it is, I am sure we can make it.


Recently, I came across some incidents regarding surgery for women patients and regarding Muslim female students studying medicine which more than compelled me to write this paper and even with such a vague statement for a base, I say that in this study the position of morals regarding females is amazingly low and as such a matter of great concern. Personally I consider that a man must know medicine upto that extent where he can cure himself and his near ones through medication keeping strictly away from injections, from all common major body ailments and must not care about visiting a physician whenever a bug troubles him. However, I respect those surgeons who have a specialty in some field and are of a great use for the betterment of the people needing surgery for their total cure. With this statement, I will go on to remark that surgery of females whatsoever by the male surgeons is completely out of the moral standard which Islam professes and that is in fact the reason which asks me to point out some totally wrong attitudes taken in regards to womenfolk in Female's Surgery, Fertility Matter and Family Planning. With many considerations, which put their limitations on my person and ask for some necessary tactics to write this paper, I state that I had no option left but to put my remarks openly as a Muslim on these 3 F's and I must be excused if it causes displeasure somewhere. Let us first consider the stages of shamelessness of the womenfolk as to understand the point in a clear manner. There are 4 stages of shamelessness, a great spiritual ailment, for the women folk. -1- Negligence of CHADAR, -2-Considering that women have an active role to play outside their homes too, -3- Acceptance of a mixed society, taking it as normal, -4- Total shamelessness (i.e. the satanic way of life, without caring for any morals whatsoever.
At the first stage, the woman herself is much responsible as to leave Chadar while going out for some necessary tasks opens way to the straying away of the eyes of men making them disregard the commands of Islam, which with the men also makes the women sinful. When this stage achieves its peak, the second stage commences where a woman considers it normal to work in assistance of men even without any necessity. When this stage finds its height, the women fully accepts a mixed society considering it as quite normal due to her own abnormal position like a patient that takes a sweet dish and feels it sour. The second and the third stage both come around by the joint responsibility of women & society. The total shamelessness is to completely forget the sanctity of women and to fully submit the self to satanic style of life. At this stage, only vulgar kind of abusive words have an effect as treatment and if they fail, then only the direct Mercy of Allah upon such women can save them from a total destruction & disintegration of life. This stage has 3 kinds i.e. 1- who first come to it by economic pressure 2- who first come to it by emotional pressure 3- who first come to it by psychological pressure, seeking enjoyment. However, with time to remain on this fourth stage becomes a necessity for all these women in a practical sense and they all become responsible for destroying the high moral standards of the society. Mind it that by nature, women have an inner sense of Hijab which they do not lose easily without any immense pressure and therefore mainly the society we all live in, is responsible for such shamelessness of women. By the blessing of Allah, Pakistan and many other Islamic countries are very much safe from the spiritual ailment of this fourth kind of shamelessness though we must remain alert as many thing have been introduced in this society to challenge its ethics & morals. With this I would remark here in clear words that there are a few women involved in the medical profession who are at the third stage. The third stage makes a woman lose her feminine manners and in fact she acts as a female to win the appreciation of men without being one in truth. This is where she deviates from her true responsibilities, mostly because of co-education and also mixed working. Some of us even come across such occurrences where they find lady medical practitioners/students totally disregarding the respectable position they enjoy as women but only the sensitive persons feel really sorry while others just take these incidents very lightly. A few even find an aspect of jest in these though keeping Islamic Morals in view, they are very serious troubles indeed. We must confront this situation as to better it in the Islamic sense for it is about time that we go for putting Islam into our practice in every field of life totally. I do not intend to be very specific due to moral reasons, but let me indicate that mostly aberrations relate to medical practice in government hospitals that are linked with medical study. We must take into consideration the imposing of some necessary moral limits for the study of Medicine, keeping Islamic teachings in view as the first concern is to save our traditions which are very important and at this time even more crucial than at any other period in history. Hijab is the command given to the womenfolk by Allah, our true Lord, and it must be obeyed by them at every time and place as Islam is a complete code of life which according to us, is the only path set for salvation. Let us now come to the 3 F's i.e. Female's surgery, Fertility matter and Family planning.
By the Islamic view, there is no way that a male surgeon may operate on women patients for any surgery when women surgeons are available, even when only a few in number and even when not at the caliber of male surgeons. Moreover, male surgeons when they perform surgery on women patients in IZTIRAR i.e. the situation of utmost necessity when a lady surgeon is not available and there is no hope of finding one, even then there is no way for them to operate on Satar of a woman (though strictly by the Islamic viewpoint, whole body of a woman is Satar but in total IZTIRAR here it is not wrong for surgical reasons in my view that Satar of a woman is taken the same as a man's i.e. from the belly to the knees and there are sound reasons by Islamic viewpoint for this stance as the Satar of the kept women at old times was considered the same and this part must remain hidden from men even in total IZTIRAR as this is a very basic asking of the sanctity of women as Islam takes it) therefore catheterization if necessary at this place or tests at this place, regarding any major surgery at some other area, must anyhow be done only by women though medical and x-ray reports in IZTIRAR can be studied by the male surgeons. This moral value must be seen that males do not operate for gynecological or obstetrical surgeries even in the situation of IZTIRAR when a lady surgeon is not available; even if it is understood that the woman will not survive without such operation; even for whatever reason you may think of with the exception that the male surgeon himself happens to be the husband of the lady patient needing surgery and operates on her as the only male surgeon in the room. Mind it that consent for anything against Islam is of no value for argument because the body of everybody is the property of Allah and it is necessary to keep His Commands in regards to body in view. The Holy Quran commands for both men & women to protect Satar and for this Sura AARAF-Ayat 27,Sura NOOR-Ayat 31, Sura AHZAB-Ayat 59 must be studied. If males take us such kind of surgeries then I must say that a woman must never get hospitalized as this kind of avoidance seems to me much near to Islam in such situation. If the field of Medicine and Surgery is to remain a "sacred" institution, it must not take human beings as animals as we all have spirits which is our Truth and not our bodies. It is a point to note that whenever & wherever woman's sanctity is injured, many problems creep in. Much trouble relating to morals is entering in those professional fields (EDUCATION, MEDICINE, LAW) where woman have turned their attention to but have not been able to observe the Islamic teachings, with no one to put a check then & there. Further, it must be kept in mind that TAQADDUS (sanctity, specially the sanctity of women) can never be violated at any time, at any place as Islam commands and this can clearly be understood by the fact that a man dying from hunger can eat a swine if available to save his life (though even at that time too its a sin but Allah has said in the Holy Book Quran that He will forgive that) but to eat a human body even in such kind of IZTIRAR (situation of utmost necessity) is not allowed and a man must die from hunger for death has to come someday & somewhere but he must not eat from the human body due to its sanctity, even if he is sure that he will save himself till he is rescued. Believe me we all have to live beyond life and so the cure of the body must not be asked at the expense of the spiritual health which is many times more important.
As for fertility, there is indeed no evidence to consider it right in any way. If a male doctor is consulted, the foregoing argument is totally valid. If a lady doctor is consulted then also the argument holds good as she can not go through the check-up of the lady patients husband. Moreover, infertility is a normal occurrence in the lives of human beings and not an ailment that needs correction. We all must remember that Satan misled in such a fashion for the first attack on man & woman that their respective male & female hidden parts came in view of each other. Satan knows well that this will pave way for all kinds of deviation and all types of aberration in the people's attitudes and therefore, we must keep Adam's mercy-asking intact and must not fall for Satan's trap of evil in the name of good.
Relating to Family Planning, I would ask your kind self to read my pamphlet "Family Planning" to understand the position of the subject by the Islamic view. It is a matter to note that the 2 great sins i.e. unjust murder and adultery (great cruelty & great shamelessness) are related to death of a person in an unholy manner and birth of a person in an unholy manner respectively. This denotes the Islamic concept that human beings are given great respect and this must always be kept in mind whenever & wherever there is something is to be judged in the field of Medicine. In my view, induced abortion by this very argument is totally un-Islamic and that goes for every variety of such abortion. However, family planning ways regarding males are all right when the married men take to those by their own free will keeping Islamic teachings in view. Please mind it that these 2 great sins are always at every place and at every time great sins and even if the effect is not realized as mentioned they would still remain great sins all the same as this is how the Holy Quran has designated them. See Sura Bani-Israel, Ayaat 31 32 33. Now, it would be useless to ignore the situation by a light statement that this male & female business in this regard must be kept aside rather everybody must see to the moral values of Islam as much as and as soon as possible in this regard. I would also try my best to convey the message to people having effect on the making of the ideas and the traditions of the current society. With total regards from the deepest nook of my open heart, I expect from your good selves a positive action and acknowledgment by practical acceptance. Any comment, criticism or advice, is welcome.


It is necessary to take some immediate steps to implement the 7 points of the Islamic Manifesto, which are also based on the same requirement of spreading the Islamic principles in theory and practice and putting an end to all injustice and every kind of shamelessness. Let's order to teach Islam and for this step, the teachings of the Holy Quran and Ahadith and Books of great Ulema must be made common. After that, Let's order to give a great respect to human beings and for this step, an end will be put to beatings through 3 steps 1- An end will be put to unnecessary postmortem and males must not postmortem the female cadavers, whether it is for study purpose or for criminal law purpose. 2- An end will be put to beatings to the supposed culprits specially when they are poor who are caught on different charges, just to make them confess even if they are really responsible. 3- An end will be put to beatings given to children just for the sake of study and learning. This all will be done as beatings on human body is illiteracy and illiteracy is cruelty, except where Islam orders (mostly because of shamelessness as in punishment of adultery, the culprits must be given 100 lashes). Then, Let's order to give a great respect to Hijab and for this step an end will be put to 3 things 1- An end will be put to the co-education at the level of high classes. 2- An end will be put to the nursing of men by the womenfolk and also to the nursing of women by the males in the case of delivery (childbirth) and in the matters of gynecology. 3- An end will be put to photos/pictures of the living creatures as much as possible for the time being except where their implication is necessary like in Martial field (the graphics of Computers are not included in this). This must be noted well that this is to be done in minimum time-limit and these steps are actually to be taken for the implementation of the 7 points of the Islamic society. This in actual is the first command, immediately to be taken into account to pave way for the Islamic society. May Allah bless us all and allow us to spread His Message. Amen.


For the sake of understanding the system of law in the Islamic Society, I am writing these points to clarify the Criminal Penal Code to be applied at the same. I have tried my best to write these points keeping the Islamic teachings in view which I have been studying since many years now and therefore these points are written with total care to give the idea of the Islamic Law and the Justice based upon it and so as to make the application of the same totally convenient.
Let us begin by advising that one Police Head Quarter must register the total cases -FIR- in a specific High-Court area with many police quarters in it, clearly denoting to which court should it be taken and at what time in the near future. I am sure that it is totally well, seeing the Islamic teachings, to let the City courts, High courts and the Supreme court provide justice by the Islamic Law in an Islamic Society so we do not have to consider changing the set up for the provision of justice. The family quarrels (i.e. about matters between men and their wives about decision of divorce, children's custody, beatings given to spouse, division of finance etc. of such family nature) must be dealt by the good faith and upon solid traditions of Islam and immediate relatives or guardians of both sides must try to achieve an agreement among themselves without going to courts. EHSAN must be the keyword here as in all matters between a man & his wife. City courts should be divided into two sections - A & B - which will deal with (A) Taziraat (except Finance) and (B) with financial cases (including the cases of Land & Property) respectively. The term "Taziraat" include all the crimes related to all matters which may not be included in HUDOOD or QISAS & DIYAT. The High court will have three sections A & B & C. Section A for HUDOOD cases (the definition of Hudood would be found ahead in this writing and this term includes 5 great sins which have among them adultery & accusing someone of adultery), section B for appeals against the city court's decisions and section C for QISAS & DIYAT (this includes murder or attempted murder where the victim is wounded severely). The judges here must always keep their important position in view so as to avoid errors. Jails must remain institutions where the prisoners will be kept maximum for 4 months in punishment or in waiting. This means that there will be two kinds of those prisoners. One of these will be those who are jailed as punishment by the city court and other will be those who are taken into custody in high court's cases of Hudood and Qisas & Diyat. However, no woman & no child should be jailed, though the charge may be of murder or of adultery. In Qisas & Diyat, women may be ordered to be restricted to their homes during the hearing but even then no police must be appointed to keep check. When the charge against them is established and court gives its decision, they will be given the assigned punishment. They must not be interrogated by male police and also not without relatives and in fact should only be questioned at their own houses by the women in police, if necessary. The respect of women & children must always remain in view. Men can only be jailed putting them into police custody for high court A or C charges (but not as punishment in these cases) and that also for 4 months excluding the appeal period and in these 4 months, the verdict of the court must be reached in these cases. The punishment for these cases would be only those which are specified by Islam in these cases. Men can also be jailed, if found appropriate, as punishment ordered by the City court for 4 months maximum, trial period included. The city court must decide for every charge in one month time though of part A or of part B. Treatment of the accused must be as "not guilty", for the punishment can not commence before the verdict. Women's and children's testimony will not be accepted in HUDOOD and QISAS & DIYAT. However, the testimony of a raped woman will be accepted and her check-up if necessary, will only be conducted by women just like her interrogation, which will also be conducted by women if necessary. We must try to bring the Islamic Society at that standard where there remains no need for lawyers and everybody may defend himself or give evidence in his case himself. The matter simply put can be more clear for the sake of justice rather than put in a complicated way, searching for the loop holes in the Law, so that the true position of the case may not be disclosed. Emphasis must be at what is readily understandable and meanings must not be derived through the mind's pressure. In other words, law must not obstruct justice and if it becomes an hindrance to the justice, we must leave the law and care for the justice. Everybody must take care that crimes are totally eliminated from the Society specially murder & rape should not be present at all, indeed. HIJAB must be given a special attention to keep all kinds of shamelessness away from the Islamic society. In the Islamic society, it seems to me that Supreme Court must only remain as a court for appeal where an appeal can be filed against a decision in 2 weeks' period and it will only be a single court for the whole country. It will hear the appeals against the High Courts' decisions in A or C cases. The decision for these cases will be reached and presented in 2 weeks' time. The verdict of the High Court in the B cases must be considered as final. The Supreme Court may reject the appeal or accept it, asking the High court to review its verdict, highlighting the areas where more concentration must be applied. The appeal must be registered right at the Supreme Court by the affected party himself/herself or through his/her appointed person. Note here that Supreme Court will not give its own verdict and can send the appeal back to the concerned High court only two times. After that the decision of the High court will be final. Abuse of power and administrative wrongs will go to the city court, which may be deemed appropriate. The intensity of the crime of Taziraat does not necessarily make it liable to enter into the High Court and it is the appropriate channel where the case will go. It is for the judge/s to consider how to deal with the case keeping strictly in his/their limits. For any decision proven wrong through the appeal in the Supreme Court, pardon should be asked and material benefits should be given to the affected one. The Administration can file a case if it finds that a person is not paying his taxes though it is better that a mutual understanding is achieved outside the court for such claims. Please note that taxes will be paid by the persons by their own books of accounts and good faith among each other must remain a Keyword in the Islamic Society. In the cases of adultery and wrongly accusing someone of adultery (QAZF), 4 eye witnesses are said to be necessary. However, the testimony of a raped woman must also be given weight against the accused person. The matters of Hudood and Qisas & Diyat must never be dealt with as Taziraat under any circumstance as the accused in such a case must be found guilty or not guilty and must get the punishment accordingly. Once a person is found guilty in adultery or QAZF, he must be given the same punishment which is ordered by Allah indeed. For all matters of Qisas & Diyat, and of Hudood, punishments are specified by Allah in Quran (and I have quoted the Ayaat in this writing for your view) and therefore only those must be put into the verdict where the case is proven. In the crimes of Qisas & Diyat, the punishment of murder is that the killer will also be killed. However, the immediate relatives of the murdered person may leave the killer alive after taking a sum of money (Diyat) or without taking any amount from the killer. The punishment of injuries are same kind of injuries to the person responsible and the punishment of cutting or making any part of the body of a person useless in its function, is that the same part of the person responsible will be cut or made useless except when the affected person shows mercy to the wrong doer and forgives him after taking Diyat or even leaving the Diyat too on the grounds of humanity. In the crimes of Hudood, there are 5 things and their punishments have been specified in Islam. -1- BURGLARY -2- DACOITY -3- ADULTERY -4- WRONGLY ACCUSING SOMEONE OF ADULTERY (QAZF) -5- BEING A DRUNK. The hands of the burglars must be cut (though for a burglary of great valuables and the crime must not have been committed because of hunger and thirst or any basic human necessity). The dacoits will be killed or will be crucified or one of their hands and one of their legs (opposite sides) will be cut or they will be ordered to leave the land. The persons involved in adultery will be given 100 lashes each in public if they were not married but if they were married and their respective spouses were with them when the crime was committed, their punishment is that they may be shot in public as the bullets of guns have been given the same value in Islamic teachings as stones (mind it that the verdict against these criminals is stoning to death), the persons wrongly accusing someone of Adultery will be punished in public by 80 lashes and one who is used to drinking will also be punished by 80 lashes in public. With all said here for justice, let us always remember that the Holy Book Quran-e-Majeed, Ahadees-e-Mubaraka and Ijma-e-Ummat must always be kept in view as these clearly show the commands of Allah and as such are the base of the Islamic Society and the Islamic Law. Every matter must be decided strictly according to these three.